W/B 18th May

W/B 8th June

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W/B 22nd June

Homework books

Please use log in details provided to access daily times table practice

Please use log in details provide to access a range of home reading books. Please read fiction and non fiction

Monster SATS, this is probably best website for home learning for children who will access the tests in year 6

Please use log in details provided, the website is excellent for daily practice papers with mark scheme at the end to review any errors and make corrections - we are in the green group login

Other useful websites

During these challenging times many educational companies are offering free access to their materials and website, these can be accessed here:

In particular Twinkl offer a wide range of activities that are free to access:

Home learning during COVID-19

Please find links below that can be accessed in the event of a school closure. We fully appreciate that if schools are closed parents will have to juggle childcare, working and possible illness which will be a challenge. The links below will ensure learning can continue around your own circumstances, we appreciate the amount you will access will vary. We would also encourage, alongside completing school work, that you enjoy some family time, games and wide out door spaces.

W/B 11th May

W/B 15th June

Year 6

W/B 20th April