Please complete the following forms by 1st June 2020, some of the information may be duplicated, but please complete all the required forms so that we are able to manage the data efficiently. 

This is a brief outline of expectations for the school, parent/carer, and child.


Uniform for children in Reception to Year 6 is available from The Schoolwear Shop, 40-42 Abington Square, Northampton, NN1 4AA 

Due to the current situation, The Schoolwear Shop are only taking online orders for September.  Please see the essential reading box on the right-hand side of this page for further details

The following are available from the Schoolwear Shop:

Royal Blue Jumper or Cardigan with logo 
Royal Blue Fleece with logo – worn as an alternative to the above 
White Polo Shirt with logo 
Red PE Hoodie with logo 
Red PE T-shirt with logo  
Royal Blue PE Shorts 
Bookbag with logo 
PE bag with logo 

The following can be purchased from any shop where available: 

Pinafore Dress, Skirt, Trousers, Tailored Shorts - grey  
Socks or Tights – white or grey  
Smart School Shoes – black  
Plimsolls or Trainers for PE 
Tracksuit Bottoms for PE 
Suitable Outdoor Coat  

ESSENTIAL READING - Communication from The Schoolwear Shop


The Schoolwear Shop (the school’s uniform supplier) will remain closed until after ‘Back to School at the end of September 2020 because it is unable to meet customer coronavirus social distancing rules.

Orders for school uniforms for the new year starting in early September will have to be purchased online during the months of JUNE OR JULY (or earlier) in order for postal delivery to your home to be made by the start of the new school year.  Turnaround time is expected to be as much as 25 days due to sheer volume of transactions.

The huge demand for ‘Back to School’ means that orders placed after July won’t be in time for the start of school.

No phone or email orders can be accepted and the return of products can only be via the online procedure detailed on the website.  Please note priority will be given to dispatching uniform therefore returns may take some time to deal with.

The procedure for going online at is as follows:

If not already an online customer you will have to login and register providing only essential information we need for delivery/communication etc,

Once registered as a customer, login will always take you to the ‘Home’ page.

Once on the ‘Home’ page, and before proceeding further, it is strongly recommended that you draw up a list of the garments and other products that you want to order and go to the section on the website which has the sizing charts.  You will find that most sizes have indicative ages shown next to the chest size in inches.

From the ‘Home’ page go to the bottom right of the page and click on ‘embroidered school uniforms’ and select the school you want.

Select each garment you want and use the drop down option to select the size of garment you already know you want.

Dealing with online purchases is very time consuming for our staff as they have to adhere to social distancing in a comparatively small area.  The garments have to be manually picked from racks and stacked ready for packing.  Once checked to avoid errors the garments are sealed ready for dispatch via the Royal Mail.  The mail service is a signed and tracked system but there will be a significant delay of probably three/four weeks from order to delivery to your home. Please do not phone or email as we will have little opportunity to respond to such enquiries.

The Data Collection sheet provides us with all the information we need to add your child's details to our Management Information System, SIMS

These are for information relating to the General Data Protection Regulation on how we use and manage data.

If you are in receipt of certain benefits or tax credits you may be eligible for Pupil Premium.  This is an additional fund we can claim as a school to support learning and other activities.  You can make a direct application to Northamptonshire County Council, please see the 'eligibility checker' on the right hand side of the 'information' tab, or alternatively we can complete this check on your behalf

Tapestry is an online learning journal and is an excellent way to keep track of your child's progress as pictures are uploaded by their teachers to show you what they have been learning in school

Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a Universal Free School Meal, but these still need to be booked online.  Bookings are made directly on our caterer Dolce's website called school grid.  In order to make any bookings you need to have an active account