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Pupils' Information

Pupil Representatives

 Hopping Hill’s Reading Influencer Team

At Hopping Hill we know the importance of reading and influencing others to be avid readers. Our Reading Influencer Teamwork across the school to do exactly this. They have been chosen to share their passion for reading with other pupils. This includes: completing pupil voice surveys across the school to know what we can do to support reading, writing book reviews to support others in choosing texts, sharing their passion for stories through lunchtime story-times and being the voice of the children in how to create a positive reading culture. You will recognise our Reading Influencer Team by the special lanyards they wear.


Pupil Voice Leaders and Pupil Voice Support Team

At Hopping Hill we believe it is important that children’s opinions and views are listened to. We recognise how important it is that children have a voice in the running of their school.

Our pupil voice team is one of the ways we find out about children’s views and experiences at Hopping Hill. It is made up of children across upper key stage 2 who are eager to make our school an even better place to be and learn. The team achieve this by collecting the views of children of all ages, in areas that are key for our school development and other issues that matter to them.

The team work alongside school leaders to understand what the school community are doing well and areas they think could be improved.

As well as undertaking surveys, they also hold weekly ‘surgeries’ and share their work in assemblies and on their pupil voice display area.


Playtime Buddies


We have two Buddy Benches in school. Pupil Voice helped to get these after two thoughtful children suggested the idea and a survey found lots of children wanted them too! Children might sit on a bench if they are feeling sad or lonely, or they may just need a little help finding someone to play with! We have a team of Buddies from across school who keep a close eye on the benches during playtimes and lunchtime. They are always on hand to help someone who has made their way over to a Buddy Bench. We are very proud of our Buddies, who show amazing kindness and empathy. We all know though, that it isn’t just the Buddies who can help- we all try to be kind all the time.




Eco-Warriors are pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 who have an active role in school. They raise our awareness about sustainability and encourage everyone to be good at recycling and saving energy. We encourage good habits for the future.

They aim to actively promote:-


  • Paper and card
  • Batteries
  • Textiles
  • Printer cartridges
  • Food

Saving energy:

  • Switching off lights
  • Switching off ICT equipment, rather than leaving it on standby
  • Closing doors to keep heat in

Conserving energy:

  • Water saving push top taps
  • Taking care of our equipment so that it lasts well
  • Using resources in a way that minimises waste

Care for the environment

  • Encourage walking rather than using cars to travel to school
  • Using litter bins to keep our school and local area clean
  • Designing our school grounds (fields and front of school) and Forest School tree area to be rich habitats
  • As a school we try to use local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint

Not forgetting Eco-Penguin!

Throughout the week, the Eco-warriors take a look around every classroom and area to check if the area or classroom have their lights, screens and computers off. On Friday in assembly time, we reward the classroom or area we feel have been the most eco-friendly throughout the week.  They are awarded Eco Penguin to keep in their class for the week.




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