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Parents' Information

Importance of Attendance

Good attendance is not only crucial to your child's learning, but also in developing positive relationships with their peers and wider members of the school community. 

When a child is absent from school, they are not only missing out on their learning, they are also losing valuable opportunities to develop friendship groups, as well as being able to take part in the many exciting events that occur throughout the school year.

We are committed to promoting and modelling good attendance and behaviour – which is essential for pupils to achieve their potential. Poor attendance is directly correlated to a pupil’s level of success and development in their education.

Parents/Carers have a legal requirement to ensure that their child is on time and attends school on a regular basis.


We understand that there are times when children will need to be absent from school for a number of reasons. This could include:

  • Sickness or ill health.
  • Medical or dental appointments which fall during school hours.
  • Religious or cultural observances.
  • Family emergencies.
  • Bereavement purposes.

We ask that all parents/carers report any absences via telephone. Any parent/carer who has not reported their child as absent will be contacted by the school via telephone. Failure to provide reasoning for your child’s absence may result in your child receiving an unauthorised absence and could lead to penalty notices being imposed on you.

Please read our Attendance Policy for further details, this can be found on our 'Policies' page

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