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Religious Education


At Hopping Hill, we provide an engaging curriculum that sparks curiosity and a love of learning.     

With a wealth of practical and real life experiences at its heart, the curriculum enables children to develop a genuine understanding of the world around them.

The curriculum offers a learning pathway that promotes challenge and resilience. It provides children with necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to forge their own path and prepares them for life beyond Hopping Hill. At Hopping Hill, we provide an engaging curriculum that sparks curiosity and a love of learning.     


Phonics Information Session


Personal, Social, Health & Emotional


Physical Education

Modern Foreign Languages



Design Technology


Art & Design

Within the Early Years at Hopping Hill, we prioritise children’s social and emotional wellbeing. Through carefully planned transition, we welcome children to an environment in which they feel safe, happy and cared for. It is our intention to instil a lifelong love of learning and to foster in each child, the vital social skills needed to achieve positive lifelong development and the ability to contribute to the wider community.  We believe that children learn best through ‘doing’ and  therefore provide an environment whereby children can self-access a wide range of tools and resources to work on and develop skills through hands on experiences. We want our children to believe in themselves, to be courageous in taking risks and in challenging themselves and others.

Staff use aspects of the ‘in the moment’ planning theory whereby adults observe children and capture the moment of engagement using this as a starting point to plan from. We believe that exploratory and practical activities based on children’s fascinations will motivate and have the highest impact on learning and development. New skills are taught through play as it is an intrinsic part of children’s learning and, where possible ,adults take learning to children without removing them from their play. Adults assess children’s learning through observations and high quality interactions with children whilst deeply involved in self-chosen activities.

We value the input that families have on supporting children with their learning and development outside of school. Every child has their own ‘Tapestry online journal’ where its achievements are recorded and shared by all staff working with children. We encourage families to access their accounts regularly and add out of school successes through messages and photographs.  

Access the link below to find out more about the areas of learning within the statutory framework for the early years foundation stage.